Twitter API changes and the end of the site

13th July 2023 | Michael Keith

Unfortunately, as of the 13th July 2023, Twitter has decided to remove free access to its API.

This site requires Twitter's API to retrieve tweets by UK MPs, get MP's Twitter profile information and to post tweets to the automated account.

As this site, and the associated Twitter account, rely heavily on Twitter's API, it won't be feasible to continue updating the site after API access has been removed.

So, with apologies, this site will stop working as of the 13th July 2023.

Since 2015 this site has collected millions of tweets by UK MPs. It's documented the Brexit referendum, three general elections, five Prime Ministers, two Labour leaders and a global pandemic.

It's also seen the rise of Twitter as the go to medium for political discourse in the Western world. From Donald Trump to Jeremy Corbyn, in the past eight years Twitter has became the place where political movements expanded and subsequently faded.

Thanks to everyone who followed on Twitter and everyone who used the site for research, for university projects or for anything else. Additionally, an especially big thank to everyone who messaged me about errors, mistakes and corrections on the site.

This was a fun project and I'm glad so many people found the site useful.

I'll try to make the data available at a later date and also attempt a thorough analysis of all the data I've collected.

P.S. In the interest of self-promotion, if anyone wants to see any of my other journalistic work you can find my analysis, writing and interactives in The Times and The Sunday Times or you can follow me on Twitter.